Attire in South East Asia

Attire in South East Asia

For the normal going to ‘firang’, South East Asian mold is a multi-faceted plenty of modest, ‘knock off’ architect marks; last season’s Ralph Lauren shirts, modest Diesel pants and all around custom fitted, yet none the less shoddy, tailored suits. A reason to stock up on fake originator names at advertise costs.

Be that as it may, diving somewhat more profound into the dress that is outlined and produced in South East Asia, uncovers there is significantly more to the mold there than the expected “in reverse” approach of duplicating European and American brands.

“In reverse” in reality is Sretsis, not however in it’s rich and lavish materials and front line plan, yet rather in its name. Sretsis is sisters spelt in reverse, and this extravagance Thai brand is the exemplification of cool, both Pan-Asian and Worldwide.

The Sretsis sisters being referred to are Pimdao, Kly and Matina Sukhathuta, a Parson’s School (NY) taught architect, an ex-magazine fashionista and an adornments producer trio of kin who made and supported their own particular interestingly Thai brand of attire. Their Autumn/Winter 2008 Ready-to-Wear accumulation appeared at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in the Spring/Summer 2009 shows to global approval. The show, ‘Parallel Universe’, concentrated on a dreamland of creatures and legendary animals. Asian undoubtedly were the subjects of creature prints and weaving, and furthermore in the utilization of brilliant textures, silk and shirt, communicating something quintessentially Thai.

Their latest gathering ‘School of Rebellious Sweethearts’, is a more formally dressed yet similarly front line accumulation propelled by secondary school recollections. From ‘current prep’ to ‘regal legacy’ its topic exemplifies Thailand, coupled again with Asian motivated textures of chiffon and glossy silk.

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