Finding the Right Shoes for Mother of the Bride

Finding the Right Shoes for Mother of the Bride

As the mother of the bride, you can feel a huge pressure building up on your shoulders to look your very best. In this context, choosing the right footwear is one of the major challenges for the bride’s mother. You want your shoes to be elegant and classy as well as of fine quality and completely comfortable.

So, with the help of our guide, you will be able to select the ideal pair for you to flaunt your style on the big day.

  • Avoid Dyed Shoes: matching the color of your shoes exactly with the color of your outfit is going out of fashion, so avoid selecting the dyed shoes. Another drawback of these shoes is that they will color your feet when you sweat. Therefore, it is better to go with neutral golden, silver or champagne colored shoes to complement your dress.
  • Steer Clear of Square toes: these shoes give a more casual look and don’t play any role to elongate your legs. Better choose something delicate and feminine for this fine occasion.
  • Perfect Fit is Essential: do not fall for the shoes that are half a size too big for you and avoid the embarrassment of falling out of them on the big day. Also, stay away from the shoes that are too small for your feet to prevent hurting them. If the store is unable to find the perfect fit for you in style, you selected, better move on than torture yourself.
  • Best Quality comes at a Price: High quality, comfortable and fine shoes are a little expensive, but they are worth it. Don’t try to sacrifice the quality for a little money and economize on other less important things.
  • Skip the heels: do not try to live out of your skin by wearing a 4” stiletto heel or a high-heeled peep toe if you are not used to wearing heels. You could either slip or fall off by being uneasy and get yourself seriously hurt. So, do yourself a favor and wear flats and don’t worry as you will have endless options there too.
  • Skip Matching Shoes and Bags: the idea of matching shoes and bags is rather old-school, and the modern world has grown out of it for a while now. Try to look chic and modern by selecting the right shoes and the bag that complements them instead of trying to match them perfectly.
  • Options: the various options that you have are classic peep toe, sparkly sling backs, kitten heels, wedge sandals, flats with preppy patterns or florals. You can choose among the vast variety depending on your taste and style.
  • Rehearse in the Shoes you bought: rehearse in the shoes you bought before the main day of climbing the stairs and walking around. This practice is to make sure that the shoes would not cause blisters and would be perfectly comfortable for you to walk in them.

With the help of these great tips, choose the perfect shoes to walk around effortlessly at your daughter’s reception.  For more information on how you can shine as the mother bride, log in to our website today.

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