2 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Doing makeup is part of most women’s routine. When done correctly, it can improve your appearance and highlight your natural features. However, there are some mistakes most women do when applying cosmetics. Here are some of them:

Cakey Foundation

Caking is a common problem with foundations, especially full-coverage ones. There can be a number of culprits, including:

  • Dry, flaky skin – Dry skin is more prone to flaking. There’s natural texture in the face, making it harder to do a flawless look.
  • Using too much product – Piling on a lot of foundation is a sure way to make it look cakey. Once the oils in the product get absorbed by the skin, you’re left with a lot of pigment with nowhere to go.
  • Using the wrong combination of products – Using an oil-based foundation with a water-based primer is a sure way to ruin your look. It will make the foundation separate, making it look cakey on the skin.
  • You didn’t blend enough – Blending is key to getting smooth, flawless-looking skin. It lets the product gets absorbed into the skin. If you don’t blend your foundation well, it will sit on top of the surface, and is more prone to bunching and caking.

The fix:Women with dry skin should incorporate exfoliation into their natural skincare routine. This removes dead skin cells andimprovesthe texture of the face. You should also moisturise your skin thoroughly before applying foundation cream. Remember: if you’re using an oil-based moisturiser, your foundation should be oil-based as well.

Always work in thin layers. Apply your foundation a little at a time. This makes it easier to blend. You can always build up the coverage to your liking. Keep in mind that it’s always easier to add a bit more foundation than remove excess product.

Creasing Concealer

The point of applying concealer is to brighten up your face. The last thing you want is for the product to crease on your undereye, emphasizing your lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem for makeup lovers everywhere.

All women have fine lines under their eyes. When you apply the productin this part, it tends to settle in the nooks and crannies. This is especially true if you use a lot of concealer. Other common causes of creasing include:

  • Not setting with powder
  • Too much product
  • Not enough blending

The fix:Before applying your foundation and concealer, make sure you hydrate under the eyes. Whilst you can use your regular moisturiser, an eye cream will be more effective in plumping up the skin. Make sure you use patting motions. The skin under the eyes is very delicate. Swiping motions could cause more fine lines and wrinkles.

When putting on your foundation, make sure to avoid the undereye area. Since you’ll be putting on concealer, you don’t want extra product there. Put on your concealer little by little to get a flawless coverage. Use a damp sponge to press the product into the skin to achieve a nice finish.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to use a setting powder. Do a final blend to ensure there are no creases. Using a damp sponge, apply powder to the area immediately after blending. This ensures that the concealer has no time to crease before it’s set.

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