5 pointers to ensure you choose the right women’s watch

Believe it or not, but watches are an important accessory in a women’s watch and can be replaced with any jewellery item as them have their own classy appeal and unmatchable sophistication. However, one needs to be sure about choosing the watches for women as it a reflection of their choices and personal style.

Listed below are the five tips that one needs to keep in mind while purchasing a women’s watch. Read below to know more about them:

  1. Choose the right size and style

The first and foremost thing that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to watches is the size that would suit their wrists the best. There is no point in choosing a big dial watch if you have a thin wrist area as then the watch would look baudy and oversize. Medium diameters work best for the women’s hands in most cases. Moreover, when it comes to style, you can either pick a dial in rectangular, square or round shape depending upon your choice. However, do not go for either too small dial as that looks old fashioned and is certainly not in trend anymore.

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  1. Select the right material

The case, crystal, and the band need to be considered for the watch material as these are the main parts of any wrist watch. While going for these three options one needs to keep in mind about durability and the strength of the material so that it would go on for the longest period of time. Stainless steel is a good option as it has great strength, platinum on the other hand is another choice but it would be quite expensive. Another material that is becoming quite popular these days is ceramic which can be availed in a large variety of colors. Also, for the crystal which is the glass covering on thedial; choose something that does not break easily as this is one of the most sensitive parts on the watch.  Plastic, acryclic, mineral, etc., are some of the materials that are often found on the watches.

  1. Choose if you want bracelet or strap

The bracelet or strap the only two options available when it comes to holding the case together. Bracelet is usually chosen in the same material as that of the case and can be shortened or elongated by adding metal links to it. Apart from that, leather, plastic, rubber, and fabric bands are also use in the wrist watches in order to make them suitable for wearing on different occasions. For instance, sports watches are often made in rubber straps as they are easy on hands while you are exercising. So, always keep in mind the purpose for which you are buying the watch and then choose the bracelet accordingly.

  1. Choose the movement

Movement refers to the manner in which the watch works and is commonly found in mechanical, quartz and automatic movements. Each of them is different in terms of the functioning, battery life, and accuracy. You can choose anyone of them depending upon on the style that you prefer, i.e., either traditional or something with a modern touch.

  1. Know the purpose of wearing

As you know, there is a huge variety of watches available today but each of them needs to be chosen according to the occasion that you would be wearing them to. For instance, for formal parties it is advisable that you choose a metal strap watch, for a sporty event you can pick the smart watch or the ones that come with a tracker, and so on.

At last, once you are satisfied with all the above-mentioned present in your watch, just go ahead and make the purchase blindly.

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