6 Fantastic Tips On Choosing Lovely Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are stressed out with the thought of choosing perfect bridesmaid dresses that will make you and your girls look killing, leave the stress and enjoy. Yes, the process is indeed fun if you take it the right way. Here are tips.

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1. Take Your Bridal Gown’s Style into Consideration

You are the star of the day. But you have to make sure that your look matches with your girls. If your bridal gown is with a lot of details, laces, sequins and beads, keep your girls’ dresses on a simpler side.

Certainly, lace bridal gowns and lace bridesmaid dresses can come together but make sure the fabrics match. The best approach is to ask for some swatches so that you can compare.

Regarding necklines, it’s your choice of how similar you want yours to your girls. If you want to keep it simple with your high neckline, a strapless bridesmaid neckline can always be classic.

2. Be Careful about Skin Tones and Dress Colour

Remember that trending colours like champagne and blush don’t go with any skin tone. Therefore, thinking on how each of your bridesmaids will look and feel in the dress is indeed important. An easy fix for this is spray tans. Another thing to consider is hair colour.

3. Consider Body Types and Dress Styles

Keep in mind – one dress doesn’t fit everyone. Remember, an a-line bridesmaid dress style is always flattering. Thus if you have your bridesmaids of various shapes, a-line may be the best choice for you.

A mismatched look is another fantastic option, which is trendy too, for bridesmaids of different shapes. By allowing your girls to choose dress styles of their own choice, you can make sure that they feel comfortable and confident.

If you are trying to achieve a mix-and-match look, give them some guidelines to adopt particular styles. That way, the dresses will match each other and with you too rather than being all totally different. You can find a variety of affordable bridesmaid dresses Perth at Bridesmaids Only.

4. Consider Weather

While falling for a particular dress style you saw on Pinterest, you may forget that on the actual wedding day your gal pals may either be overheating or freezing.

That doesn’t mean that you should make them wear short styles in the summer and long in the winter; however, while picking short dresses for bridesmaids for a winter wedding, don’t forget to provide them with some sort of covering like a faux fur coat or a shawl.

Even longer styles are tolerable for summer, but with lightweight fabrics or you can provide them with bottled water and fans all through the day, especially if you will be outside for most of the time.

Image Courtesy: bridesmaidsonly.com.au

5. Choose a Comfortable Fabric

While style is important, comfort is important too and fabric plays the biggest role in providing comfort. Not many brides and their girls are aware of various fabrics. So, try to find things to try on to feel how they breathe, flow and fit.

You don’t want your bridesmaids to be unable to even bust in a move on the dance floor. In that regard, chiffon gowns are always the best choice for comfort, because chiffon is a light fabric that allows you to move easily around.

6. Discuss with Them

Just like you, your bridesmaids too may be eager to give their opinion and can come up with some very good suggestions. You need not necessarily work upon their ideas. But by just asking and thanking them for ideas they share can make them feel worthy.

By taking your bridesmaids’ opinions into consideration, you can even keep getting their help in the future like choosing maternity formal dresses. So, give due importance to your bridesmaids and make the most of your friendship.

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