7 Festive Makeup Looks You Have To Try

35 Timeless Holiday Makeup Looks to Try This YearAre you ready to spice up your makeup game this festive season? Whether you’re celebrating with your family, friends, or just yourself, you can always rock a stunning look that will make you feel fabulous. Here are seven festive makeup looks that you have to try, no matter what the occasion is:

1. Glittery Eyes & Nude Lips

Nothing says festive like some glitter on your eyes. You can go for a subtle shimmer or a full-on sparkle, depending on your mood & outfit. The key is to balance the glitter with a nude lip colour that complements your skin tone. This way, you’ll draw attention to your eyes without looking too over-the-top. A glittery eye look is perfect for any celebration, especially if you want to add some glam and shine to your appearance.

2. Bold Red Lips & Winged Liner

If you’re feeling more classic and elegant, you can’t go wrong with a bold red lip and a winged liner. This is a timeless look that suits any festive party, from a cosy dinner to a glamorous party. A red lip is a statement of confidence and sophistication, while a winged liner adds some drama and definition to your eyes. To pull off this look, make sure you choose a red lip colour that flatters your skin tone and undertone. You can also use a lip liner to define and shape your lips for a more polished finish.

3. Smokey Eyes & Glossy Lips

For a sultry and seductive look, try a smokey eye and a glossy lip. A smokey eye is a versatile look that can be done with any colour palette, from neutrals to jewel tones. The trick is to blend the eyeshadows well and use a darker shade on the outer corner and crease of your eye. A glossy lip adds some shine and moisture to your lips, making them look plump and juicy. You can opt for a clear gloss or a tinted one that matches your eyeshadow colour.

4. Colourful Eyeliner & Mascara

If you’re feeling more adventurous and playful, why not experiment with some colourful eyeliner and mascara? You can create some fun and funky looks by using different colours on your upper and lower lash lines or by mixing and matching different shades of eyeliner and mascara. You can also use some glitter or metallic eyeliner for some extra pizzazz. A colourful eye look is a great way to express your personality and creativity, as well as to brighten up your face.

5. Bronzed Skin & Peachy Lips

For a warm and radiant look, try bronzing up your skin and adding some peachy tones to your lips. A bronzed skin look is ideal for any festive occasion, as it gives you a healthy glow and enhances your features. You can use a bronzer powder or cream to contour your face and add some warmth to your complexion. A peachy lip colour is a fresh and flattering choice that goes well with bronzed skin. You can choose a matte or glossy finish, depending on your preference.

6. Dewy Skin & Pink Lips

Try creating a dewy skin effect and pairing it with some pink lips for a soft and romantic look. A dewy skin look is achieved by using products that add some hydration and luminosity to your skin, such as moisturizer, primer, foundation, highlighter, and setting spray. A dewy skin look makes you look youthful and refreshed, as well as enhancing your natural beauty. A pink lip colour is a sweet and feminine choice that complements dewy skin. You can go for a light or dark shade of pink, depending on your mood.

7. Graphic Eyeshadow & Bold Lips

Play with some graphic eyeshadow shapes and colours, and pair them with some bold lips for an edgy and modern look. A graphic eyeshadow look is created by using eyeshadow to draw geometric or abstract shapes on your eyelids, such as lines, triangles, circles, or squares. You can use one or more colours to create contrast and interest. A graphic eyeshadow look is a daring and artistic way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. A bold lip colour is a perfect match for graphic eyeshadow, as it adds some balance and intensity to your face.

Summing It Up

There you have it: seven festive makeup looks that you have to try this season. Whether you’re feeling glamorous, elegant, sultry, playful, warm, romantic, or edgy, there’s a makeup look for you. Have fun experimenting with different products and colours, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember: makeup is all about having fun and feeling good about yourself! Happy holidays!

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