Acne Cream Options You Can Count for

What is your main characteristic of skin aging? What bothers you most? Focus on one complaint: wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles etc. This will give you better results. There are two reasons for this: There is not one product that addresses all complaints of aging skin; And using anti-aging products with different functions in a short time can irritate the skin. “A good dermatologist will make an individual assessment and then be able to guide and customize your treatment to the best possible outcome,” says the dermatologist.

The best product is what is right for your skin

Face cream, sunscreen, serum and other anti-aging products that are good for your skin are ideal for your skin. It seems obvious, but factors such as packaging and price lead consumers to make mistakes. Attention to label and tips: If your skin is naturally oily, prefer a moisturizing gel or serum texture; if sensitive, in addition to seeking label indication, observe soothing and non-irritating assets. There comes the use of the Acne Cream for the best result now.

Learn to see the ingredients

The letters are small, but the list of active ingredients in the product is very important. “There are established elements in dermatology, such as acidic vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, bleaches, moisturizers, silicon, hyaluronic acid. In addition to peptides, growth factors, substances that rebuild the hydrolipid barrier and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, blocking sunscreens – which today concentrate antioxidant actions, ”explains the dermatologist. As it is difficult to know what is what for a layman, so the dermatologist’s indication is to look for the following words: hypoallergenic (the product may still cause an allergic reaction, but there is less risk); non comedogenic (does not cause acne); no parabens (substances that cause skin irritation).

Have realistic expectations

Be wary of advertisements with the use of celebrity imagery (often unauthorized) and exaggerated promises such as rejuvenating 10 years in one night or reducing all signs of aging. The price, according to the doctor, is not a parameter either. “The most expensive creams are not always the best for your need,” he warns.

  • “Anti-aging skin products deliver discreet, long-term results: No, you won’t get results from a face lift using a cream. When we talk about investing in an anti-aging treatment, we expect to have the patient help with a change of habits in general. We know that genetics is important, but it also depends on balance and quality of life. Diet, physical activity, daily sun protection, adequate sleep and keeping stress levels low all contribute to the effectiveness of treatment,” explains the doctor.

According to The International Dermal Institute , more and more adults are being confronted with acne and oily skin problems, and in women, that figure is as high as 54%. This means that one in two women has facial acne after age 25. A dreadful number that stirs all our self-esteem. Understanding its causes and knowing some tricks to treat this problem will save your life.

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