Choosing Knickers to Flatter your Figure

Trying to find the right underwear can often be a tedious task for women, leaving women all over the country getting stressed out and getting their knickers in a twist on daily basis in the UK. Full briefs, Brazilian knickers, thongs, G-strings – These are just some of the options which women face when looking in a sexy lingerie store. It really is no wonder that so many ladies struggle to choose the best options for them.

Purchasing the right smalls really can make a huge difference to your figure and in line with this today we are going to be providing some top tips for all women planning lingerie shopping sprees.

Choosing the right knickers is more important than many people originally think – When the correct knickers are chosen people can use them to flatter not only their bums but also their tums, and it isn’t that difficult either. People are advised to consider their body shapes when buying knickers and lingerie as different styles of underwear are great for helping to accentuate areas whilst minimising others.

What is your body shape?




Athletic women tend to be slim and toned, with smaller curves than other body shapes and perky bottoms. Thongs are typically perfect for athletic women, this is because they often sit higher on the leg than the classic brief and have deeper sides than G-strings. Because things sit slightly higher than other lingerie options they can work to create shape and curves – something in which many athletic women look for.



Women with apple figures have fuller busts and fuller mid sections also, with narrower hips and the knicker style recommended for women of this shape are classic briefs. Classic briefs suit most body shapes but apple figures in particular. Classic briefs hold the ability to flatter all figures and are also incredibly comfy which is a huge bonus to all. Often sitting on the hips classic briefs can work to minimise the stomach without covering it completely.



When women reach a certain age they start to lose muscle and therefore require garments which provide more of a ‘lift’. A good knicker choice for the older lady is shorts, which can be bought from the majority of lingerie providers as well as supermarkets and high street stores. Shorts provide mature women with extra coverage and more support – something in which when questioned older women said that they look for in knickers.



Pear shaped women boast wide hips and big bums, with their body shapes definitely being more bottom heavy than others. Brazilian knickers are the most flattering for those with pear shaped bodies. The slightly skimpier knicker gives less coverage on the bum which can work to balance out the body, making women seem more in proportion.

These are only some of the body types too. If you are unsure of what your body type is don’t hesitate to take some time to research and discover your own beautiful shape. Another great option is to buy knickers in a range of styles and try them on to see which you prefer. Remember, there is no right or wrong. Your body is your body and you can cover it as you please. J


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