Embroidered Patches – Make Your Trend!

Just like every person has an identity, so does every company, school or organization has. But how do they mark their identity on the people working or studying there? They do so by creating patches embroidered with their name or design on the uniform that people wear so that they can be recognized from a distance. Several companies or agencies can provide custom designs on the patches. Other than this, patches are used to strengthen the weak parts of the clothing and are great trendsetters!

Development of Custom Patches:

  • First of all, the art received from the customer is enhanced.
  • The art is then digitized with the help of artisans and digitizing software.
  • A sample of the sewed patch is shown to the customer.
  • After positive feedback, the mass production of sewed patches is done.
  • The final process involves adding the patches to the clothes and checking their quality.

How do Patches set the trend?

Patches with different designs embroidered on them are sewn in denim jeans and jackets, t-shirts and hoodies. Earlier these kinds of clothes were rarely produced, but now there is a massive production of patched clothing items. It gives a hippie look to the people, and they enjoy wearing such clothes!

More about Patches:

Embroidered Patches are also known as Cloth Badges. They are made with the help of a thread on a natural fabric like silk, linen, wool and cotton by using a computerized machine. The kind of thread used can varyaccording to the needs, but to make the patches affordable usually, Chinese threads are used, and the cost of production of the patches depend on the stitching, i.e. the more the number of stitches required, the more will be the price of the customized patches.

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