How To Care For And Store Your Christmas Ornaments

Several annual traditions punctuate the holiday season. These include the Christmas party, the gift-giving, and the fun-filled event of dressing up your house with beautiful decorations like dazzling light installations, Christmas trees, and Couple ornaments personalized.

At the end of the festivities, people are left with wonderful memories, awesome gifts, and — let’s not forget — ornaments that are needed to be stored properly so they can still be used the following year.

Why Properly Store Ornaments

As stated above, the obvious reason behind the importance of organizing and taking care of decorations is to make them reusable for the next holiday season. This simple step can also be advantageous if:

* You want to easily find the right items for a certain decorating need

* You want to donate well-maintained decorations to charitable institutions who might need them

* You want to give them as gifts to your friends or relatives

* You want to sell them during bazaars

* You want to ultimately avoid spending money on buying a new set of decorations (e.g. Festive doormats, couple ornaments personalized)

Storing and Organizing Ornaments: Tips You Need to Know


If you’re taking down your holiday decorations, allot an ample amount of time in deciding which are the items that you no longer want or need. Declutter and look for ornaments that are already damaged or have already undergone wear and tear with regular use.

Invest in storage boxes

Take care of your prized decorations like couple ornaments personalized and store them away in plastic storage boxes. Many homeowners advise the use of boxes or bags with dividers so you can prevent items from damaging each other.

If you want a budget-friendly option, you can use old cardboard boxes or cardboard egg cartons. Just remember to bubble-wrap your ornaments individually to keep them protected from dust.

Keep holiday lights untangled

Christmas lights are a tricky ornament to organize because most of the time, they get entangled with one another. One organizing hack is to use zip-ties corral cords or any leftover cardboard to wrap the lights.

Use special storage bags for artificial Christmas tree

When it comes to storing a Christmas tree, it is not recommended to use the same box where it was placed upon purchase or delivery. This box is prone to deterioration, which can ultimately lead to decreasing the shelf life of your valued tree. People are advised to look for special storage bags that were particularly made for such a huge holiday decoration.

Make sure that you follow the manual of instructions when it comes to folding the branches of your tree. You can also use a duct tape to properly label each layer of your tree.

Don’t throw leftover wrapping papers

Don’t waste money and never ever throw unused wrapping papers. Use cardboard toilet roll tubes to wrap around a roll of a paper, then store all of them neatly in a separate box.

Label accordingly

Be efficient and label your storage boxes and bags accordingly. This will come handy if you want to easily look for the decorations and ornaments you’ll be needing next year.

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