How To Maintain Long Hair?

If you want long hair, growing out hair is surely only the first mini-battle won in a never-ending war as you will be fighting to keep them healthy, strong, and detangled once your hair has reached their desired length. It is extremely important for you to learn how to take good care of long hair that is otherwise a complicated mission.

The good thing is that you can follow countless measures to prevent hair damage and give a new meaning to hair care. This will help you to reduce the breakage and split ends and keep your hair healthy.

Don’t Over-wash Your Hair: You need a healthy scalp if you want your hair to grow. This obviously means that you should not strip your skin of the natural oils by washing the scalp every now and then. Moreover, you should prefer a good dry shampoo after having a word with your doctor. You can even get great suggestions by looking for Salon Insure Quotes.

Stay Hydrated: Believe it or not, a healthy head of full hair is a hydrated head of hair. One of the best ways to promote hair growth is to consume a lot of water as hair is less likely to grow when you are dehydrated.

Use The Right Pillow: Regular tossing and turning at night can mean a lot of damage to hair when you sleep. You can try out a silk pillow case for preventing damage or loosely braid your hair before you retire for sleep on a regular cotton pillow case (you should always prefer a cotton pillowcase with a high thread count).

Say Goodbye To Curling Iron: Yes, you read that absolutely right! In fact, you must always avoid any kind of heat when styling hair as that can lead to damage. You can get the hair look you want without subjecting your hair to harm by using foam rollers or a hair mask. If you just cannot resist the curling iron, you must always use it on the coolest setting.

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