How to Paint with a Crackle Nail Polish

In this article, we teach you how to apply Natural Nails crackle enamels. The glaze crackle is an easy and inexpensive way to give your nails a special touch and a unique texture that not long ago has become very popular. The glaze crackle offers many possibilities as it has a wide variety of colours. What is enamel?  It is a nail polish that breaks into small pieces, revealing the enamel we have underneath. As you can see in the photos, the effect is amazing, and the combination of colours and possible shapes only depends on your imagination.


In Natural Nails you can find a wide variety of crackle colours.Make sure that the colour you choose from enamel has a lot of contrast with the colour you put on enamel base.Apply a base layer.  It is always advisable, a base will protect your nails, avoid staining or staining with the coloured glazes that you use and will help the enamel last longer.

What to do for Crackle Nail Polish?

Apply a coloured glaze.  The number of layers you need will depend on the colour, but make sure that this colour is sufficiently opaque to be opaque. The enamel, when giving an ornate effect, it may be that the application of a soft, creamy colour and without much brightness is a great idea so that the crackle effect is the main attention.Wait for the base colour to dry completely.  Just to be sure, you probably want to wait a few minutes longer than usual. It is important that it is well dry so that the result is the best. Did you see

Paint a crackling layer on the base colour once it is completely dry.  The effect will depend a lot on how much you apply. It is advisable to start with a light coat so that the effect is more obvious unless you want a less noticeable crackle style. Try to paint a light coat as fast as you can and avoid repainting where you have already painted.Give it your time.  Some enamels start cracking when they touch your nails, but others take more time to show the effect well. You must be able to see the crackle done before your eyes.Once the enamel has cracked the way you like it, apply a layer of clear protective enamel.  This will help your manicure last longer, have a nice shine and your nails are protected.

Show everyone yourCrackle Nail Polish!

Each brand of cracked enamel has slightly different effects and offers different colours.

– To obtain a finer crackle, apply a small amount of product, and for a more open crackle apply a thick layer. The idea is that whatever the type of application is touched up as little as possible when applied.

–  Ends with a layer of transparent shine as a protection and to give a better appearance to your cracked nails, since the e enamel tends more to the matt than to the shine.

– With bases of different colours the same enamel gives completely different results, and the more contrast there is between the two colours, the more impressive the result will be.

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