How to use Instagram for business?

A business social profile

You may have a business. You would have created a beautiful website that showcases every product and service you offer. Your site will be getting some traffic. To get more traffic, social profiles and pages are vital. You can see a Facebook or Instagram icon on all the commercial websites. These are the social media pages for those businesses to promote their business on social media. The rise of social media in recent years has made every business to turn towards it. Apart from using influencers to publicize their businesses, companies themselves started to have their social pages. An Instagram page is such a kind. Your follower count on the Instagram page can directly influence your sales. So, it is necessary to build your following base on Instagram. You can get followers organically, or you can buy Instagram followers online. You can find many sites online that offer cheap Instagram followers. In this article, let us see some of the ways you can improve your Instagram presence hence driving traffic to your website. 

Tips to improve your Instagram profile

Bio – Once after creating an account, you should create a bio describing your company and its services. Instagram allows you to keep a website link in the bio section. This link can be anything. Optimizing your bio with all the details of your company and providing the website link can help to represent your profile as a standard profile. This Instagram bio link can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Your bio should be short and crisp. It is your first pitch to your visitors. You can also include a customized landing page link in the bio.

Consistent content upload and engagement with the audience – You should regularly upload niche relevant content that is informative and entertaining. Your posts should attract visitors and make them follow your page. It should automatically make click the link you placed in the bio. Apart from content upload, you should engage with your audience. You should respond to every comment. It will help if you answer their questions with at most perfection and clarity. Although responding to followers is not mandatory, it will create belief in the followers that is a huge plus point.

Use hashtags and attractive captions – You can use relevant hashtags along with the posts. It will help if you use fascinating and intelligent captions. Captions can convert a visitor into a follower. 

Build relationships with other players – You can build relationships with other powerful influencers so that you can use them to refer your page. These relationships can drive a lot of traffic to your site. You can go for advertising if you have a budget. Instagram ads are one of the vital sources of commercial website traffic.


Instagram presence is vital for a business in this social media era. A successful Instagram presence can help you convert a lot of visitors into customers. Depending on your niche, Instagram’s value may change. But most of the fields will see drastic changes using Insta campaigns.  

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