Polo Shirt Dos and Don’ts

Okay just to say that you were given a new work polo shirts  and raring to step out in style? Here are dos and don’ts of polo shirt to ensure you wear them correctly.


Put on an Undershirt

A polo shirt should be put on as a base cloth, wearing an undershirt creates more bulkiness, and can pop out of the collar or neckline. Choose an undershirt, with an invincible neckline if you have to wear one.

Wear Polo on Top of a Polo

Keep it simple.

Raise the Collar

 Fortunately, this style has faded, but if the temptation arises, don’t. Unless you need to raise the collar briefly; for instance, to serve as a sunshade for your neck.

Pick a Shirt with a Breast Pocket, Aside from the Secured ones

A breast pocket on polo when used tends to sag and reduce the sharpness of the shirt. So avoid pockets generally, unless their pockets are secured with a button.

Wear a Shirt with a Pronounced Logo

Eschewing clothing with corporate logos is recommended. However, if they must have logos on them, aim for ones with small-sized and tasteful logos.

Choose Polos with a Long-sleeve

Polos with long-sleeve do exist, and while some look good, it’ contrary to the polo’s heritage meant with short sleeve for active pursuits and warm weather; extending the sleeves seems absurd.

Wear Sports Polo for Casual Wear

Polos meant for sports such as tennis or golf is made for easy movement. They’re great for sports and sports alone.


Button One Least

Leaving all the buttons open looks untidy. Button one at least. Having all of them done creates a different look entirely.

You can Untuck or Tuck, as the Occasion Demands. Tucking is for a more formal occasion, whereas untucking is for casual occasions. A polo shirt with an extended back was meant to be tucked.

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