Shopping For Fabric Headboards – Top Tips

Upholstered headboards can make a really big impact in your bedroom and choosing the right fabric is a big part of this. When you start shopping around you will find that there is such a large range of fabric headboards available that you might not know where to start. When you are choosing the type of fabric for your headboard you may want to take the following things into account.

Will You Be Sitting Up?

If you tend to sit up in bed before you go to sleep then you may want to choose a softer fabric such as polyester or chenille. This will be more comfortable for you to rest your back against for long periods. Polyester is also a good choice if prefer a firmer material to lean against while not compromising on comfort.

What Colour Do You Want?

The same colour can look very different between a variety of different fabrics. You may think you have decided on a fabric only to discover that the colour that you would like does not look the way that you thought it would. If you want a particular colour to match the existing decor of your bedroom then you may have to look at several different fabrics before you find the one that matches the colour that you want.

Do You Have A Cat?

If you are worried about your cat scratching your headboard then a fabric with a tight weave is a good choice. Cats are not fond of this type of material and so it should be enough to deter them from using your new headboard as a scratch post. Velvet is another material that cats seem to dislike and there are many stylish headboards that are available in this fabric.

Have You Looked At All Your Options?

A headboard does not get the same wear and tear as the other furniture in your home and this means you can experiment with fabrics that you may not use elsewhere. Fabrics that require a lot of brushing for example would not be suitable for a chair or sofa but they could be used for a headboard. You could also experiment with embroidered fabrics which can look very effective when they are used on headboards.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to fabric headboards but this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. This means that you have more chance of discovering something new that you may not have considered before but is exactly what you have been looking for.

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