Tips To Choose Jewellery For Different Face Types

Today men and women have become very conscious of the image they portray to the world. And dressing well is just a part of it. In fact they are so involved in what they buy that even something as simple as sports shoes requires a lot of deliberation with regards to size, colour and design. But if it is to buy jewellery, women go almost overboard with their dilly dallying.

But there is a very simple process involved in deciding which jewellery looks best on them. In fact the whole process is dependent on the type of face one possesses. All women can be broadly characterised to have one of the following face types:

  • Oval face which is the easiest to accessorise since it compliments jewellery of all kinds. Thus hoops, tear drops, chandeliers, angular designs etc., all look good with it. Earrings long enough to graze the shoulder are best avoided since they tend to make the face look longer.
  • Round face accessories should be such that they make the face seem longer for maximum effect. Jhumkas, drops, danglers, narrow chandeliers and all other designs which focus strongly on vertical lines look good on a round face. With regards to necklaces, anything which is long and looping will look good on a round face since it tends to make it look longer than it actually is.
  • Square face has a strong jawline and hence any jewellery which softens the jawline would be perfect for it. While wide chandeliers and studs are a big no for a square face, narrow chandeliers, long hoops and draws etc. look extremely good with it. Necklaces which have length and number of curves look extremely elegant on a square face.
  • Oblong face needs those kinds of jewellery which can be used to create an illusion of a face with a shorter length. Earrings suitable for this face include wide chandeliers and bold and large studs. Short neckpieces like chokers, collars etc., help to reduce the length of the face thereby making it look very pretty.
  • Heart shaped or pixie shaped face need jewellery which will narrow its forehead while broadening its jaw line. Designs with horizontal lines and space filling designs look good on a pixie face. In fact any and all types of necklaces go very well with this type of face.

Choosing the perfect jewellery and wearing it has the ability to transform and transcend a face from pretty and beautiful to gorgeous and stunning. So jewellery should always be selected with care.

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