Top 3 Advantages of Using Cloth Shopping Bags Instead of Plastic

Off late cloth bags have become viable alternatives to the polythenemajorly because of being an eco-friendly and biodegradable option. Thesecan be purchased at a nominal price, however, thelist of advantages associated with the screen cloth bag (ถุงผ้าสกรีน, which is the term in Thai) easily outweighsits minuscule cost.

Let us have a closer look at these as under.

  • Environment-friendly:

Whether it is cotton, hemp, sisal or jute, the bags which are made from these naturally occurring materials are 100% biodegradable and hence are environmentally friendly.

On the contrary, polythene bags are manufactured by using the already dwindling fossil fuel resources and plus they cannot be destroyed for hundreds of years. The production process also releases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases which contaminate our natural atmosphere and are responsible for damaging the protective ozone layer.

Cotton bags are made up from the thread which is manufactured from the cotton plant. Although the material is easily biodegradable, yet most of the consumers prefer to reuse it. Cotton bags are easily washable too.

  • Durability:

Bags made up of cotton cloth have invariably high strength when compared to those made up of plastic. The bags manufactured out of jute, cotton, hemp and other naturally occurring fibres are so strong that they can easily withstand hundreds of washes in between several reuses and yet continue to go strong.

Some of these bags also come with cardboard affixed at the bottom to impart more stability. Additionally, amongst the plastic and cotton bags of same sizes, a cotton bag can hold more volume of material and weight when compared with its polythene counterpart.

Plastic bags which you usually get from the departmental stores can also be put to re-use, however, the possibility of it getting damaged due to the puncture remains invariably high.

  • Stylish:

There are not many customization options available with plastic bags except probably the printing of a logo or company name. They do not come in many colours as well. On the contrary, a screen cloth bag is the one which has been screen printed with a variety of graphics, colours and other styling options.

Apart from this, there are designer tote bags made up of different natural fabrics which are even sold at the high-end stores like Zara, Sierra Club etc.

The need of the hour is to act as the responsible citizens and shun the plastic usage- It starts by using and encouraging eco-friendly and sustainable options like cotton bags.

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