If you love experimenting different hair styles then the following hairstyles (via the cuddl) will help you out.

  • Soft and casual: This is an excellent choice if you like to keep the look of your hairdo classy and straightforward. You’ll have to plait thick braids on the side and tie the hair below the nape of your neck into a ponytail; you can elevate the look by highlighting your hair or curling the free hair.
  • Symmetrical look: In this look you can plait two thick braids at either side of your head; the top portion will appear like a crown, and the hair below the nape of your neck should be tied in fishtail braid style.
  • Simple and thick side braid: Is an asymmetrical single Dutch braid that goes around your head; it doesn’t have a trailing end and leaves only a few strands of hair along your jawline. You can wear this for a dressy occasion or a casual one.
  • For short hair: If your hair is short, you can plait two Dutch braids; you can begin from the top of your head and tie the leftover hair near your neck into a pony. You can make it a bit messy to take a look up a notch.
  • Side-crown for loose style: For this look, you can tie two medium-size Dutch braids on one side of your head; the braids should be adjacent and leave the rest of your hair free.
  • Crown and bun: For this look, you can follow these steps.
  1. Divide your hair into two parts; the back for the bun and front for a braid.
  2. For an easy method, tie the back part into a pony. You can use a readymade bun over the rubber band to hold the same.
  3. Taking the front partition, plait a Dutch braid from one side to another.
  4. Now, weave your hair inside-out through the readymade bun; it can be messy to elevate the look.

Note: You can leave the braid free on one side or pin it below the bun depending on the occasion, your facial structure and accessories.

  • Soft Dutch Braid: If you have very long hair then this is an excellent choice; the braid starts a bit above your forehead and becomes thick at your neck. The loose hair makes your hair appear voluminous, and the soft look will enhance your overall look.
  • The bow-type braid: This is a reverse type of Dutch braid with a twist of style; the braid begins from the nape of your neck and ends at the top of your head with a bow made of the end hair. You can highlight your hair to elevate your over-all look more.
  • Maiden of Olde: if you prefer an elegant but straightforward appearance then this is an excellent choice; you can follow the following steps to get this look.
  1. Plait two Dutch braids on either side of your head; gather the ends and tie into a loose bun.
  2. Leave the bottom hair free; preferably, straightened.

You can elevate the overall look by wear co-ordinating dress and accessories.


You can try various hairstyles via the cuddl to elevate your look this season, based on multiple factors like hair texture, your style statement, etc.

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