Watch Buying Guide

A watch is an accessory to which few women give real importance. Yet, a beautiful, well-chosen woman’s watch can largely replace a jewel and finish an elegant outfit.

No more time when the watch was a practical object that only served to give us the time in all our travels. Today, the watch is a true fashion accessory, a jewel in itself and each woman should have at least one. But beware, if you choose the wrong watch, you may hurt your look, so follow the advice that will follow to avoid making mistakes. If you are interested in Japanese watches, Orient would be the best choice.  Orient watches are known for making highly affordable mechanical watches, both self-winding and manual winding. Orient makes watch for men and women with a decidedly conservative approach.

The watch you wear is a strong accessory of your outfit, it signs your personality. Today considered as the trend jewel par excellence, it is no longer content to give the time. Thus, in this jungle of needles, movements of dials and bracelets, it is not always easy to navigate. To help you see more clearly and choose the one that will make you happy, here are some valuable tips.


First of all, the watch must be proportional to your wrist. Beyond the given measurements, it is also a   question of feeling. A bracelet is your size   when you can pass the index between your wrist and the bracelet. Besides, the choice of it is also important because it defines who you are. Whether you choose the flexibility of the leather, the virility of the metal or the resistance of the rubber knows that nothing is definitive. Indeed, it is always possible to change it very easily.Check seasonal deals on My Gift Stop ; an authorized watch retailer.

Quartz or mechanical?

Among all the criteria of purchase, that of the movement is also important. Two great families exist: the mechanical movements (the energy is supplied by a spring) and the quartz ones (the energy is supplied by a battery). If you change watches regularly, like precision and prefer a battery change, quartz watches will seduce you. If you prefer a mechanical heart that comes alive in a perpetual motion, the mechanical models will not be able to resist you.

The brand

A watch is first and foremost a brand. Thus, you must know the latter and the area of ​​expertise in which she excels. The DNA of each gives it legitimacy in a well-defined area. Brands like Casio, Fustian, or Bichat can be classified in the sports watches category. On the other hand, Fossil or Pierre Lanier will be considered as more refined models.

The interview

Finally, there are some basic rules to consider in extending the life of your watch. Do not wash or wash dishes (hot soapy water damages the seals), read the manual and do not manually change the time between 9pm and 3am, to avoid damaging the system.

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