What makes Ayatul Kursi necklace So Important

In the Muslim religion, baptism symbolizes the parents’ desire to bring their little one into the religious community that is theirs. Soon invited to a similar event, discover with Magic Cradle the unfolding of this beautiful religious ceremony. The ayatul kursi necklace happens to be of it.

What does Muslim baptism consist of?

According to Muslim tradition, any baby born under marriage is initiated into religion by his father. On the 7th day following his coming into the world, he will pronounce the Adhan (call to prayer) near his ear and recite the Iqamah, marking the beginning of baptism. One of the first traditions attached to Muslim baptism is the sacrifice of a sheep if it is a girl and of two animals if it is a boy. Through this ritual, the baby draws closer to Allah and moves away from evil. The meat of the animal is then consumed in part during the meal following the ceremony, while the other part is given as an offering to the needy.

The second offering taking place at the end of this religious event is the shaving of the child’s hair, synonymous with purification. These are then weighed and the family agrees to offer their weight in gold or silver. Finally, if the Muslim baptism frees the newborn, it also marks his appointment. The father bears the responsibility of choosing a first name among those of the family of the Prophet Muhammad. When these different stages have taken place, the child, his family and the guests get together for a meal.

Circumcision during Muslim baptism

Many believe that circumcision is a compulsory rite of Muslim baptism, but it is not. Indeed, this tradition of baby boys is not clearly described in the Qur’an. Nevertheless, the sunnah (tradition) encourages believers to practice it in order to materialize their descendants from Abraham and their faith. This operation can be performed at the home of the baptized before the age of 5, and is followed by great celebrations! The ayatul kursi necklace is used there. Among the muslim religious jewelry this is important.

What gifts to offer during a Muslim baptism?

Like most baptisms, the entourage is free to offer a gift to the child who has just joined the religious community. Among the most popular gifts, we find gold medals (Eternal Glory, Sovereignty belongs to God, O Guardian of all things, Bismi Allah, Islamic Faith, Nour ala Nour), other symbolic jewelry, or personalized gifts.

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